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Become A Chemo Friend

Friends After Diagnosis.jpg

We've Become Chemo Friends!

Friends After Diagnosis is a local nonprofit support organization for women with cancer and men with breast cancer: They provide support group meetings, direct and personal services, and wellness programming as well as Chemo Kits to women during chemotherapy – all free of charge. 


Over the summer 2022, Friends After Diagnosis started giving Chemo Kits to women at several cancer centers around the county.  The AAUW Vero Beach members donated ingredients for the kits, and Friends After Diagnosis made up the kits and added our logo to the bags, as you can see in the picture.  The project has been so successful that Friends After Diagnosis has received a grant to fund Chemo Kits in the future.  We will be working with friends to find a new way to support women with cancer. 

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