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We have two funds to which you can contribute:  one local fund and one national fund.


Local Program Fund  

Our Local Program fund allows your AAUW Vero Beach Board of Directors to fund programs that help women and girls in Indian River County.  We mainly fund scholarships of three types:

  1. High school graduates who plan to attend college away from Vero Beach.  We send the money to the college of their choice

  2. Women who have completed their AA degree at IRSC and are going on to get a BA.  These scholarships are funded by AAUW and administered by the IRSC foundation.  We have supported these since 1971.  Again, the funds are sent to the college of their choice.

  3. Women who have completed the REACH program at the Economic Opportunity Council and are studying in an intensive LPN program at Treasure Coast Technical College in Vero Beach.  We give stipends for living expenses to two students each year so they can take the intensive course and graduate in one year.

We also support organizations that help women and girls, like Literacy Services, Big Brother Big Sister, Friends After Diagnosis, as you can see HERE.

AAUW National Greatest Needs Fund

This is a general national fund for unrestricted gifts, which are used when and where they are most needed.  By donating to the National Greatest Needs Fund, you help incubate and grow AAUW’s highly successful mission-driven programs.  StartSmart and WorkSmart Salary Negotiation programs are just two examples. 


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