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Endowment Funds Recipients

Lenore D. Feibel

In 1984, the Vero Beach branch of AAUW established a research and projects endowment fund named in honor of its first president, Lenore Feibel. The fund has reached $90,000 and is generating a research or project grant each year.

The following is a list of Lenore D. Feibel fund recipients:

2004-05 – Kristin A. Kelling – Career Development Grant

2005-06 – Shirley Richardson – Career Development Grant

2006-07 – Anderson, Denise, and Dorothy Schmalz – Community Action Grant

2007-08 – Florida Community College at Jacksonville and AAUW Jacksonville (FL) Branch – Community Action Grant

2008-09 – Footsteps to the Future, Inc – Community Action Grant

2009-10 – Georgia Women of Achievement – Community Action Grant

2010-11 – Jessica Kennedy – Career Development Grant

2011-12 – Felecia Theune – Career Development Grant

2012-13 – Iniobong Okon – Career Development Grant

2013-14 – Anita Pena-Roque – Career Development Grant

Jannetta MacPhail/Harriett Strong

In 2014, the Vero Beach branch of AAUW completed funding $75,000 for the Jannetta MacPhail/Harriett Strong Fund. This fund will provide career development grants to women who hold a bachelor’s degree and are preparing to advance their careers, change careers, or re-enter the work force.

Amazing Grant Recipients during the Last Ten Years!

 Career Development Grants

2017-2018: Marcia Brito seeking MA in Visual Arts at Jacksonville University

2015-2016: Bansi Shah seeking MBA at Harvard University

2013-2014: Anita Pena-Roque seeking MPH in Health and Medical Sciences at the University of South FL

2012-2013: Iniobong Okon seeking MS in Health Services Administration at the University of Central FL

2011-2012: Felecia Theune seeking MS Ed in Education at the University of Miami

2010-2011: Jessica Kennedy seeking MH Sc for Anesthesiologist assistant at Nova SE University


Community Action Grants

 2019-2020: (2 years) Josie Bacallao at the Hispanic Unity of Florida, Hollywood, FL

2018-2019: (2 years) Stacey Williams at the Institute for Socioecological Research in Puerto Rico

2016-2017: (1 year) Anne Bubriski at the University of Central Florida

2014-2015: (1 year) Alma Venisee at Investing in Our Youth

2009-2010: (2 years) Shelli Siebert for the Georgia Women of Achievement

2008-2009: (2 years) Judi Woods for Footsteps to the Future, Inc, Ft. Myers, FL

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