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Here’s an Opportunity!   The Director of Publicity position is currently Open for a one-year term through June 2023.


It’s important for us to get the word out about each of our events and fundraisers so that we draw many interested people. The Director of Publicity is responsible for publicizing our events and fundraisers in the local media. This can include publication of articles, radio interviews, and TV spots.  Establishing and using a list of local media contacts, the director works to keep our local communities informed of the activities that AAUW Vero Beach is doing to support local women and girls. 


Cultural Council Representative 

In this role, Carolyn Bayless helps our Board and the Cultural Council of Indian River County to be aware of each other’s activities.  She updates the Board with news of the Cultural Council and can provide information to the Council on the branch’s upcoming events and initiatives.  Carolyn is serving a one-year term through June 2023.



We’re pleased to welcome Becki Manning as our new Director for Communications!   Becki will innovate ways for us to communicate effectively with our members and members of the local community through well-crafted content across various channels.  These include Constant Contact email blasts, postal service mailings, presentation materials and event-related materials. This position will also coordinate with the Social Media expert (see below).


Hotline Newsletter

Diane (Dee) Sattler is our Hotline Newsletter Director, serving a one-year term through June 2023.  She creates articles and edits and compiles the articles she receives from members, to create a monthly newsletter emailed to active members from September - May. She keeps us informed of upcoming events, deadlines, branch news, and opportunities to affect our community for the better.


Social Media

Here’s an Opportunity!  Are you social media savvy?  Know your way around Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter?  You can help us expand our media presence and connect with younger women and girls. 

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