First Ladies And Their Presidents

Updated: Jan 6

The First Ladies and Their Presidents is the creation of the veteran acting and writing team of husband and wife, William and Sue Wills. These troupers of 44 years in theater and now over 9,000 performances together are in their 26th year of bringing to life the stories of 35 different Presidential couples.

One patron proclaimed,” Congress should declare them a living national monument.”Mr. and Mrs. Wills have performed in 36 of our 50 states and given over 30 performances at the nation’s Presidential sites. They are a true working team with William researching and creating the scripts while Sue edits his work and creates the costumes, many of her own design.

They are not “impersonators”, but hope that their costumes, dialects, and demeanors will help recreate these historical characters. In 2013, the couple created an IRS recognized non-profit organization, Presidents Project Inc. which has donated over $22,000.00 for organizations which help wounded soldiers and their families. With their “Presidents and First Ladies” program, William and Sue hope that by presenting the personal side of our first couples, they will become more than just names read about in history books.

We are pleased to present this special event for President's Day Weekend on Sunday, February 20, 2022 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Emerson Center located at 1690 27th Avenue in Vero Beach. Tickets are $40. Student and Girl Scout Tickets are $20. Please contact us for more information.


It's hard not to think of our second President John Adams without thinking of his wife Abigail. She certainly was with him every step of his extraordinary career which helped shaped our young nation. But few realize the great sacrifices they made as husband and wife and father and mother to help give birth to this nation. Our program tries to bring an understanding to this aspect of their lives.

“Herbert Hoover caused the depression” and who even has heard the name Lou Hoover- this might be many people's first reaction to this couple and how wrong they would be !! The Hoovers story is a great story of love, partnership, and national and international good works and fame. They might also be the Presidential couple who cared for and did the most for children. Most audience members are very surprised to learn of the unique accomplishments of both of the Hoovers.

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